What do I need to do to get my 125cc (A1 small motorcycle) licence?

Once you have reached 17 years you will need to get your provisional driving licence (which must include provisional category A).

  • If you already have a moped licence then you will already have automatic entitlement to your provisional.
  • If you already have a driving licence you should automatically have provisional motorcycle entitlement (category A your instructor will check this for you).
  • If you have neither of the above then you will need to get a provisional motorcycle licence application form from the Post Office.

The next step is a complete a Compulsory Basic Training Course.

Once you have completed this course you will then be entitled to ride on the public roads as a learner motorcyclist. Your bike must display L plates and you cannot ride with a passenger or use the Motorways.

Next is the Theory Test.

If you have passed your moped test since July 1996 or hold a full licence for another category of motorcycle then you may not need to take this theory test.


Now the Practical Test.

Once you have completed or qualified for all of the above it will be time to take your Practical Test. This test is in 2 parts called Modules.

Typically, your motorcycle training will consist of off-road motorcycle manoeuvres, covering step by step guidance on all aspects of the Module One test criteria and on-road riding for the preparation of taking your Module Two test.

Click on the links below for further information.

Overview of mod 1/2 

To read the official overview of the Mod 1 and Mod 2 test click on the button below:

Mod 1 & 2 – Official Overview

This motorcycle training is designed to enhance ability, build confidence and awareness. All of the training you receive touches on advanced riding techniques to make you a better and safer rider.

This test is for the category A1 Light Motorcycle Licence, which will enable you to ride any bike up to 125cc that produces a maximum of 11 Kwh (14.6 Bhp).

If you want to ride a bigger bike then unfortunately you will have to wait until you are 19 and then take the the Category A2 Standard motorcycle test Test.

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