If you are between 19 and 23 years old, you can learn to ride a medium powered motorcycle between 25-33kW (33-47bhp). As a rough guide you can take the A2 test on a 400-500cc machine (power dependent). Once you have passed the Module One and Module Two tests, you can ride any size motorcycle but it must be restricted to 35kW and be derived from a vehicle whose original power is no greater than 70kW. You may choose this option if you are older than 24 years and do not want to ride a full powered motorcycle. People who have a slight build may opt for this route as the motorcycles are generally smaller and lighter.

After completing your CBT and a Theory Test, it may be necessary for your initial training sessions to be conducted on a 125cc motorcycle before moving onto a larger machine. This is to ensure that all the techniques are in place and you can ride safely before progressing to a larger motorcycle.


Theory & Practical Test Information

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Typically, your motorcycle training will consist of off-road motorcycle manoeuvres, covering step by step guidance on all aspects of the Module One test criteria and on-road riding for the preparation of taking your Module Two test.

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This motorcycle training is designed to enhance ability, build confidence and awareness. All of the training you receive touches on advanced riding techniques to make you a better and safer rider.

During your DAS on-road training we will negotiate as many different riding scenarios as possible to ensure you are more than capable of dealing with every eventaulity. These may include dealing with other traffic, town centre riding, dual carriageways and country lanes.

Please note: You can only ride a larger motorcycle as a learner if you are under the direct supervision of a DVSA approved Direct Access Scheme Instructor and in radio contact.

NB: This route has a 2 year experience period.

It is a qualifying period meaning that after 2 years of holding an A2 licence, you can move up to a level and take the full powered category A motorcycle test. This is classed as “Progressive Access”  For example, if you were exactly 20 years old when you passed the A2 test, 2 years later, on your 22nd birthday, you can retake the tests on a 600cc machine (over 40kW) to gain the full powered unrestricted licence (eliminating the necessity to be 24 years old).

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