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Think of all the money we spend on our bike!!!

  • It is amazing how much money we spend on our motorcycles making them look better, go faster and stop quicker. Doing an Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) is all about getting the most from your riding and your machine. You can take this accessory from motorcycle to motorcycle and it won’t depreciate in price.
  • A training course with one of our R.P.M.T.* approved Instructors will help you achieve all of these and will cost you a lot less whilst gaining up to 17.5% discount from all the leading bike insurers in the UK.

We at ATB Rider Training agree with The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA) on value of lifelong learning. This can take you beyond the basic skills to a level that will improve your own and others’ safety. It will also allow you to make better use of the road and gain more enjoyment from the riding experience.

The DVSA, in partnership with training experts have developed a training scheme designed to assess your riding, reduce risk and improve your skills.
There is an ever expanding network of approved trainers across Great Britain ready and ATB Rider Training already have 1 instructors qualified to deliver the training, 
Visit  to find us on the register. RPMT trainers and Enhanced Rider Scheme.
If you have no significant areas of weakness, the trainer will give you a DVSA Certificate of Competence – Enhanced Rider Bonus. You can then get an insurance discount of up to 17.5% from one of the many insurers who have signed up to support the scheme.

If you do have areas that would benefit from further training, you would qualify for your certificate after successfully completing the recommended training. By having your riding ability assessed, trainers can tailor a development programme to suit your needs.

Not all crashes are down to mistakes by riders, but we can all pick up bad habits. The accident statistics among motorcyclists would suggest that everyone should at least have their riding ability assessed from time to time. Ironing out those bad habits and improving your anticipation skills will not only keep you safer on the roads, but will also help you to get more from your bike.

The ERS Syllabus covers the following subjects:

  • Clothing & Rider Protection
  • Machine Checks
  • Controls & instruments
  • Manual Handling & use of stands
  • Moving away & stopping
  • Slow speed manoeuvring
  • Braking Techniques
  • Safe positioning
  • Mirrors & rear observation
  • Signals
  • Separation distance & use of speed
  • Other traffic & road users
  • Junctions & roundabouts
  • Bends & corners
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Dual carriageways & motorways
  • Anticipation & Planning
  • Darkness
  • Weather conditions & road surface
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Environmental issues
  • Parking & vehicle security
  • Passengers & carrying loads
  • Incident management
  • Group riding & touring
  • Overcoming limitations

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